About La Cigare Volant

Of all the things I could do with my moderate spread of time and resources, of all the things I could offer the world, there are perhaps many, but none of their potential for fruition could outlast the words “Frasier….food….blog?” which kept appearing in my head with increasing insistence. Is there a particular need for this project? Not really. Have I started numerous other projects in the past with this-time-it’s-different gusto only to abandon them almost immediately? You know it. Do I already have a food blog which is struggle enough to keep updated regularly? Naturally.

But here we are. I learned of the incredibly sad news that John Mahoney had died, aged 77, leaving behind a rich career including his best-known role as Frasier Crane’s father, Martin. I’m always reflecting on what Frasier means to me because I’m always watching it, so this news didn’t necessarily kick off any new revelations, but I was like, damn it, now I’m really thinking about it I might as well just start writing and see what happens. You see, Frasier really does mean an awful lot to me. I have it on in the background when I’m getting ready for work. I’ll come home at 4am and put it on when I’m going to sleep. During stints of extreme anxiety or depression – both of which tend to drive a person to bed, unable to do much other than lie there and quake blankly – I’ll put on Frasier, and while you wouldn’t necessarily think that a 20-something year old show about two rich white guys and their cranky father would be the hug my soul needed, it’s just the most wonderfully comforting stuff, it feels like nothing bad can happen while I’m watching it. Every episode is like a small play, with farce and miscommunication and people rushing in and out of doors, with writing you could bounce a penny off and actors who wring comedy out of the smallest lines. Nothing truly bad ever happens but there’s darkness and poignancy and it’s just superb from any and all angles.

And I decided to make a food blog in honour of it. Here’s how it works: I’m going to make my way through the entirety of Season 1, with a recipe inspired by each episode. I’ve limited myself to the first season to give myself a fighting chance of actually finishing this project, and the recipes themselves might be quite literal or metaphorically fanciful as I see fit. It seems like a good idea to me, and I hope you enjoy it.

(PS: well aware that I misspelled the title when I first made the URL, it should be “Le Cigare Volant” but I decided to just lean into it, but also if I type the words “Le Cigare Volant” out enough hopefully it will do some dark magic with SEO and Google and people whose French is better than mine will be able to find this. Le Cigare Volant!)

(PS once more: if you enjoy my writing and wish to support me to write more I have a Patreon, where you can access exclusive writing for a few dollars a month.)